Episode 28 - Marie's 168 Temu Haul - Getting The Most From Temu Coupons - Marie's 168 Oil Pencils WIP

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Here's a summary of how I utilize Temu coupons.

Temu advertises "sets" of coupons with a total of all discounts combined. Each set of coupons is only good for about 24 to 36 hours and you will see a countdown timer as soon as you make a qualifying purchase. Typical qualifying amounts are $29, $39 and $49. I wait until the amount is $29.

Temu will not disclose up front what the qualifying amounts are for each "coupon" level, but typically they start at a spend of $40 ($10 or so off) and go up in increments. I like to spend $40 to $80 on my coupon order, but you can get a great discount for the higher amounts.

Warning - right after you make your purchase and the coupons are applied to your account, be very careful of adding anything new to your cart because they will "without" warning - auto add them to your just placed qualifying order and will charge your account, I was warned about this so knew what to look out for. To ensure this does not happen, I never add anything new to my cart right after my order is placed, I already have my "coupon" order items in my cart. 

Once I see what the coupon increments are, I carefully add and remove items from my order within my cart until I am happy with the total. 

The only gotcha here is that items can sell out pretty quickly if they are very popular. I figure if an item sells out it wasn't meant for me to have it, you could alternatively purchase items you absolutely want in your qualifying order.

Let me know if you have any questions, enjoy using your Temu coupons!

Link to free labels pdf -> Marie's 168 labels

Link to my favorite blank swatch chart -> blank swatch

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