CSI - Camping, Stamping & Investigating - Solving an RV Campground Mystery

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Hub and I often walk through our campground to get all of our fitness steps in. We enjoy the flora and fauna and like to see everyone's RVs. A few days back as we started our walk, we were mystified by a dark line of "something" that an RV had left on the road. We followed the trail to the destination. It was a huge bus that we have seen here before. 

Many RVers live in the Thousand Trails system like we do, but they rotate through a few parks in one area whereas we travel all over, to date we have stayed at 22 different Thousand Trails spanning all the way to Texas.

Ok, back to our mystery... the next morning we noticed that the dark line, which we'd since determined was oil, went all the way through the park. Hub even found the scene of the accident where the bus was damaged. He showed me the start of the line of oil in the midst of three sharp rocks on our way back from our errands.

Given that I like to film our adventures, we made a short video documenting this mystery and our investigation. It is short, just a fun little peek into our RVing life. Video lenght 3 min. 48 sec.

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