December 2017

Our Campground Memberships Experience - The BIG One - Part 3

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Our Campground Memberships Experience Part 3 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Here is the detailed tips and tricks part of the Thousand Trails membership topic. I hope this is helpful for folks considering a membership! I am happy that I broke this topic into three segments. It allowed me to go a little long so I could demo the Thousand Trails website which has some great information available if you know where to look. Video length 16 min 28 sec.

Hello Color Birthday Card in Teal and Gray - Watercolor Pencils

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Hello Color Birthday Card in Teal and Gray | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I finally have my Extravaganza and Free Shipping orders. So for this weeks Creative Cat Crew color challenge I made a watercolor sample for my watercolor make and take kit I plan to have on hand for card classes. I started with a watercolor base, then used the new watercolor pencils with the new stamp set I got just for this make and take. I am VERY pleased with the stamp set, it is called...

Lake Tawakoni Thousand Trails Is An Idyllic Spot

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Lake Tawakoni Thousand Trails Is An Idyllic Spot | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We moved a couple of days ago. It is hard to believe how fast time flies! We love it here. The huge gaps between neighbors, our close proximity to the lake, which we can both see from the dining room windows, and the scampering squirrels make this a lovely site. The weather is more mild, no wind and not as warm. This property is 380 acres and our loop is far from the rest of the park's RV...