August 2018

Sneak Peek - Holiday Catalog - Kindness Card

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Sneak Peek - Holiday Catalog - Kindness Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

One of the challenges of travelling full time in an RV is receiving packages. Many campgrounds do not accept camper packages unless medication or an RV part. So, when I placed my pre-order for the holiday catalog on 8/1, I knew I would not be picking it up until 8/30. However, after we evacuated from Leavenworth because of a fire nearby, we were within an hour of my in-laws. I didn't count on...

Thank You Kindly Card

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Thank You Kindly Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This week I waited until the very last minute to make this week's Creative Cat Crew color challenge card. I was busy with a community sale for most of the day. It hasn't rained for months, and today, the day of the sale...of course it rained. But hey, it is better than smoke and fires!

The color's for this week are: Crumb Cake, Melon Mambo, Balmy Blue, and here is this week's...

We Are Now Evacuation Level Two - Be Prepared To Leave

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We Are Now Evacuation Level Two Fire At Night | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Let's see, so much has happened that everything is a blur. My last post summarized our Sunday and Monday mid-day when I filled the propane tanks and BBQed us some lunch. Fast forward to 6pm. I was chilling, watching a show on my 10" tablet (which is silly because I can just as easily put it on our 40" TV, but then Hub can hear it while he is napping, so the tablet works just fine) and there...

Fires Might Make Us Change Our Plans Yet Again!

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Yesterday the air quality was great in the am. It was 67, almost in the "good" zone which is 50 and lower. We decided to make a grocery run and on the way we noted at least six different fire and police cars heading north. Just north of where we are staying is a temporary Fire Relief camp. It has emergency vehicles, helicopters and tents set up all around it. They've been there since the...

Brusho Flower Bouquet Birthday Card

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Brusho Flower Bouquet Birthday Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Back at the March craft retreat I made a set of Brusho'ed backgrounds. I have slowly used them one by one, and now there are two left. One of them has texture paste on it. Today I brought the textured background out (for what seems like the millionth time) and I told myself I would do something with it. 

I noticed a challenge that fit this background which gave some direction. ...

Just My Type Card For Hub

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Just My Type Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I've CASEd a card today because I know my husband will like it and it has a tilted layer which is good for me to use since I rarely consider tilting an option. This was a great learning opportunity for me. I don't have the project owner's info, I believe it came from a swap with my team, and I thank them for inspiring me today!

My husband and I come from the era where we had typing...

Happy Girl On A Bicycle Card

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Happy Girl On A Bicycle Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I wanted more practice with the partial front A2 style of card. This is a project I CASEd from one of the many swap cards in my stash and unfortunately I do not have the owners name to give them credit, but as always I am grateful for their inspiration.

This is a tent base cut at 11 1/2 x 4 1/4 and scored down the middle so it opens on the left side but is landscape shaped. I cut the...

Fires In Eastern Washington Changed Our Plans

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Fires In Eastern Washington Changed Our Plans | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We enjoyed staying at Little Diamond Thousand Trails. Amazingly there were NO mosquitos. We just had to tread carefully to not step on a yellow jacket ground nests and we did have to deal with gnats and grasshoppers. Hub did not get stung so his reputation with the yellow jackets was good. The day we left it wasn't very smoky at the campground, but by the time we hit I-90, the haze was very...