August 2021

Video - Winter Is Coming Wednesday 2021 #9 - An Easy Thanksgiving Card + A Christmas Swap

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winter Is Coming Wednesday 2021 - #9 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This video included a super easy technique that works great for someone with few materials, or if you just need to crank out alot of cards fast. I have yet another way to control spools of twine, perhaps this will be the final solution for me!

The video finished up with a Christmas swap. I really like this style of card and I add one last embellishment so I can add it to my stash for...

Winter Is Coming Wednesday 2021 #8 - Card Swap Featuring Snowman Season - Before & Stepped Up

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Winter Is Coming Wednesday 2021 - #8 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I cannot believe that July is over. What a month! I ended up spending time with Libby three different weekends. That girl knows how to craft! We had so much fun:D Ok, now on to Winter Is Coming. This video is a new format that I will be doing periodically through the season. Starting this week episodes will post every Wednesday through Christmas. 

I received so many awesome swaps that I...