Video - Two Bathroom Updates For Our Fifth Wheel

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Video - Two Bathroom Updates For Our Fifth Wheel

Hub had two changes to make in our Bathoom. First, he disliked the toilet roll holder that came with the RV, thank goodness they did not install it. I think they knew how lame it was. Once he cut the hole in the side of the cabinetry, he could more easily fix the pluming leak.

Now granted he could have just turned the black knob on the pex and called it done, but he wanted to have flexible plumbing to allow for the movement of travel. Pex is very rigid and it had a pretty sharp angle to go through from the basement up into the bathroom. Hub feels that is why we had intermittent leaking, depending on how the cap was seated to the faucet after travel. It would change as we moved. They did not drill a hole straight down because directly below the sink is our storage area. They moved all wiring and plumbing (yes both!) off to the side behind a wall. Video length 5 min. 27 sec.

Supplies List For Both Projects:





Supply lines




 valve - 1/2in. Chrome Plated Bass PEX Barb x 3/8" Compression Quarter Turn





crimp ring -  Sharkbite 1/2" copper 





Crimp kit - various, this is what Hub has because it does all 4 sizes





Teflon tape







 Toilet Roll Holder

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