Countdown to OnStage - Card Front Swaps - #9 - And yes, I am at OnStage now!

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I cannot believe today hub drove me to the hotel and I went to the convention center to check in for OnStage. It is a bit surreal. I AM AT ONSTAGE /pinch. It is my first one, and I also cannot believe hub and I drove over 4000 miles to be here with our home! We are staying at a super nice resort in Orlando, the Thousand Trails resort, and it was only a 30 minute drive to get to the hotel.

Today I bought trolley passes for me, my team leader and her sister. I made it to the OnStae check in and then got a little lost, missing my stop. But it worked out just fine, I got some extra steps in right?

So I have a couple more swap designs to share, this is the first and I made these in a variety of color combinations. I like that this design is showcasing three embossing folders as well as two stamp sets, which are all listed below.  I did not list all colors, just the colors in this particular card, If I get time I will try to do a combo blog entry with the others I made.

I winged the dimensions and now I don't have a ruler with me to measure what they are. I will see if I can get measurements while doing make & takes tomorrow.

I really like the new Birthday Backgrounds stamp set but I don't see many examples on Pinterest or Google, so I hope my swaps will inspire some to try it out if they haven't gotten around to it. I highly recommend it!

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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Great design - very versatile!


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