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Taking A Quick Break To Color - Leopard Tutorial - Seven Hours And Counting

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Leopard Eye Study Tutorial | Tracy Marie Lewis |

After crafting with my mom last week I took a very short crafting break to get in some practice time using my new colored pencils. I've spent hours and hours researching relevant YouTube tutorials and have downloaded the materials for a few of them. I chose to start with the leopard eye colored pencil study by Amie Howard. The tutorial is four and a half hours long, and I put in another two...

Video - Update On My Colored Pencil Journey - Storage, Swatches, Labels & Supplies

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Update On My Colored Pencil Journey | Tracy Marie Lewis |

It always amazes me how much preparation it takes to start a new artistic endeavor! When enough supplies came in I jumped right into coloring, and while coloring I made a list of the inefficiencies I felt needed fixing. I've attached a short video showing how I am going to organize the new coloring supplies. I also discuss what I still need go add to my colored pencil stash of goodies. Video...

Blue Eyed Cat Face Colored Pencil Drawing & Video Of Alternative A2 Card Layouts

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Blue Eyed Cat Face Colored Pencil Drawing | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Here's my latest colored pencil drawing. I am enjoying the challenge of realistic drawings using colored pencils, a medium I have used very little in my crafting life.

For those of you who love to create artistic bits like I do, they make lovely focal pieces on handmade cards. I filmed an inspirational video showing how you can turn your art into handmade cards. Video length 23 min 10...

New For 2020 - Trying Out Colored Pencil Drawing - Cat's Eyes Turns Into Cat Face

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Cat Eyes In Colored Pencil 1 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

For the new year, I decided I would be embarking on a new art medium that I have not used before, artist grade colored pencils and watercolor pencils.  I've owned the two Stampin' Up! packs of watercolor pencils for awhile now, but I've never learned to use them until very recently. I have a 3 part video series demonstrating techniques, creating focal images, and then I put them on card fronts...