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An Elf Mage On His Dragon - Complete!

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Elf Mage On Dragon | Tracy Marie Lewis |

After finishing the Yak Dragon project I was ready to tackle my current favorite coloring page from any of Nathaniel Wake's adult coloring books that I own. This is one of the most advanced images of his in addition to being my favorite.

I did not want to make a coloring mistake so I started with a copy on 20lb copy paper and flicked the intended colors on lightly. Here is what it looks...

A Goblin And His Yak Dragon - Complete!

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A Goblin And His Yak Dragon | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Hub bought me a couple more coloring books by Nathaniel Wake. Some of his creations are not quite accurate, for instance he doesn't create realistic horses. I have to give some of his artistic interpretations a pass. If I were to be super picky I wouldn't buy any coloring books. Overall I do like his work. I am part of his FB fan group and he posted a request to push for 550 FB group members....

Copic Coloring Project - Dragon vs. Phoenix

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Copic Coloring Project - Dragon vs. Phoenix | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I love to color! I think most of my blog readers already know that, but just in case...I said it again. I lost a dear set of adult coloring books with a wide range of topics from cats to Star Wars when our trailer was destroyed. As a result, I must rebuild my coloring book collection.

This time around it seems many coloring books offer free digital PDFs with the printed coloring book...

Copic Coloring Project - Chinese Lanterns

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Chinese Lanterns | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I love the delicate look of Chinese Lantern flowers so when I saw this digi stamp on Power Poppy I snatched it up right away, which was back in the fall. Before I got the chance to color these, I lost my Copics. It took many months to get re-supplied enough to be able to color this beauty. 

Here's the Copic sketch colors used (* denotes original marker with superfine nib):


Craft Retreat Coloring project - Special Request

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Cozy Cottage In Winter | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Fellow crafter friend and retreat buddy Libby asked me to color her Cozy Cottage. I said sure, and then she says, but... I want you to color it in a fall or winter theme. I then asked if she would like me to use her Copic markers. She has a very specific set to be used for coloring her favorite items. Her collection doesn't quite fill up a 36 slot Copic case.

I accepted the challenge. I...

My First Copic Coloring Book Project - Post Accident

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Dragon Vs. Mage Coloring Project | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I finally rebuilt a new Copic marker collection. For now I am going to limit myself to the markers I have bought so far. I created a short list of requirements and from that list I built a set of 168 markers. 

Once I had the markers I was ready to buy a couple of replacement coloring books. I bought dragon theme books, two of them. This is the first completed project from the book...

Rebuilding - A Replacement Copic Marker Set

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Copics - Take Two | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Ok folks, The two coloring mediums I re-supplied with early in January did not satisfy my need for color. They are great to work but twelve total colors was not enough. Hub hoped that they could replace Copics, what was he thinking? The net result: time to get back into Copics. 

How often does one get the chance to re-acquire something as expensive as a set of Copic markers? For most...

Back In The Copic Saddle - Project #1 Complete

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Back In The Copic Saddle | Tracy Marie Lewis |

It feels so good to be back in the Copic saddle again! I bought a few digi stamps from Power Poppy back in November but our printer would not feed thick cardstock. Then of course the unimaginable happened when we lost our home which meant that I never did get to color those beautiful stamps I'd bought.

We are staying at Hub's parents and their printer feeds my cardstock so of course the...

Video Tutorial - Making A Card From Start To Finish Using The Awesomely Artistic Stamp Set

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Using The Awesomely Artistic Stamp Set | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I made this card from start to finish without premaking or doing a rough layout/template in advance. I wanted to illustrate how the creative process works and demonstrate changes that are made in real time to get to that perfect finished project. Video Length 12 min 24 sec.

I have entered this project in the following challenges:

  • ...

Storage Series - Saving Space By Using Copic Markers To Color Your Embellishments

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Storage Series - Saving Space By Using Copic Markers To Color Your Embellishments | Tracy Marie Lewis |

When we were planning our lifestyle change to living full time in an RV, I knew I had to minimize my embellishments. I had a dedicated craft space that was quite large with floor to ceiling storage. This storage also extended into one of the bedrooms. Ribbon was a biggie for me because I had so much of it. I own a full set of Copic Sketch Markers which are a big investment and I have...