Disc Golf At Quinlan Community Park

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Disc Golf At Quinlan Community Park

It has been awhile since I spent the time to gather disc golf video footage. I can understand Hub's reluctance to be filmed and to do any filming. It definitely slows our game play down, not to mention it does add some level of nerves which I think is great to content with. I enjoyed this course, but would not want it to be my "home" park because it is pretty easy. I did like that it made us throw very controlled shots to avoid climbing fences and rooting through heavy brush. I also liked that the ground was decent. It hasn't turned into a ground squirrel commune like many parks seem to be. I also liked that even though the grassy areas were decent, it also had nice flat crushed gravel paths as well in case you really needed secure footing. Video Length 5 min 9sec.

We both played with two discs each, the same two each time for consistency:

My discs:

Hub's discs:

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