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DIY Copic Color Matching Chart

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DIY Copic Color Matching Chart  |

I have a backlog of non 'card' craft projects that I need to work on and this particular project I thought would make a perfect article for my blog. I am making a second chart for a friend. I will see her in a couple weeks and want to have it done by then. I completed my Copic Sketch marker set last fall. I knew that I would be purchasing every single marker because I enjoy coloring larger...

DIY - How I created my blog

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I thought it would be interesting to some visitors to read a bit about this website from a do-it-yourself perspective. I am a 20 year web professional. You could call me a Veteran I suppose. I've worked as the head web person at my day job for many years now. I do have many websites that I've made from scratch running around out in the web ether as well. My own websites were originally written...

DIY - Mini Magazine Style A2 Card Holder

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Mini Magazine Style A2 Card Holder | Tracy Marie Lewis |

My papercrafting corhort in crime gave me this awesome selection of gift card holders for Christmas. I wanted to make a desktop organizer to have a small selection close at hand. I used Pinterest for my inspiration and after two failed attempts at smaller sized holders I finally had to make an A2 sized one and it holds these perfectly. Because I don't use pink I made myself pick out three...

DIY Enamel Dots

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Perler Beads To Enamel DIY Dots | Tracy Marie Lewis |

In December 2015, I had a rare opportunity to be creative without limitation (well except for what my body was able to handle). I had major surgery which was a 9 to 12 week recovery. The surgery was scheduled well in advance so I had time to make a game plan of projects I would work on while rehabbing. DIYing my own craft materials was at the top of my list. 

About 2 weeks after surgery...