Let's Go To Oklahoma For My Birthday!

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Let's Go To Oklahoma For My Birthday! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

The card in the main picture I made for my Paper Pumpkin video and I left it on my desk very late / early on the 22nd. Hub, being resourceful as he is, sorted through my Paper Pumpkin creations in the morning before I got up and picked this one out. He wrote a birthday message for me on a post it note and put it inside the card. Voila, instant birthday card for almost no effort, I gotta love his ingenuity.

The day before my birthday it was 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky. We played disc golf at a nice course in Sherman. I looked at the weather for the next day and was shocked to see it was predicted to be in the low thirties and raining all day! What was I going to do for my birthday? There's no way I wanted to sit in the trailer all day. So, we decided to head to Oklahoma to look for some sort of cake. The closest civilized location was Walmart in Midall. We left around noon because the rain wasn't letting up and the temperature seemed to be stuck at 34 degrees. 

I made a quick video or our border crossing so you can enjoy our weather and the great scenery (not). It is very short... Enjoy!

I am going to digress a bit here because I have to discuss something I've seen at the Walmart's in the Midwest/south. The prices are AWESOME. When Walmart first came to our area in the Pacific Northwest, I was disappointed because the prices just were not that exciting to me. Now I want to compare prices I see in Texas (and Oklahoma) compared to PNW Walmart pricing. A six pack of soda run $3.50 at home, and are only $3 here.

I took a picture of the mustard. It was so impressive that I had to document it. At home a large store brand mustard is still going to be no less than $2, here in Texas it can be as low as .... .63. I bought two! 

Since we have had some unseasonably cold weather I find I don't have enough warm clothes. I was searching for more leggings on Amazon and the cheapest I can find the butter soft ones is $12. Walmart has the same ones for $5.88...SCORE! So guess what I got for my birthday? Yup two pairs of butter soft leggings! I now have three pair! Next time I am going to seek out the thick fleece lined leggings:)

I did buy a piece of cake for $1.99 (we are on a perma -diet so no full cakes for us) and for Christmas treats we have peanut brittle and teeny tiny pumpkin cupcakes. I think the peanut brittle was 2.99 and the cupcakes were 2.50.

Another tidbit that I already shared on Facebook is that years ago I discovered a particular brand of headstall that I really liked because they had rhine studs and were very old fashioned western looking. The brand was Cowperson Tack. I searched high and low for a good deal on one and finally won an eBay auction. I absolutely loved that headstall. Later I took on a knock off brand of western tack to carry in my mobile store called Cowboy Decor, but I will always remember Cowperson Tack. After we crossed the border we are driving along and I see a building "Cowperson XXXK" (Three letters are missing on the building). It took me a minute to process what I had just seen. Then I looked them up on my phone. Sure enough, we had JUST passed the Cowperson Tack store! Of all the crazy things.

I had a wonderful birthday exploring a new state in the pouring down rain. It was funny to hear everyone's opinion on the crazy weather at Walmart. This rainy cold weather is totally normal where I come from. I even told the cashier that I am from Seattle, I brought this rain with me!

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