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My Planner - Organization Made Pretty | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I am back to using a planner. I took almost a year off of using one! This time however I bought one that is pretty and I plan to spend time making it even more pretty using a variety of products. I've done some research, joined a couple of planner groups and am making this a a fun way to stay organized.

Here's the general product list: 

  1. A good quality mechanical pencil for note taking and lists - Specifically I use a .7 cross pencil I've used since 1986!
  2. A good quality set of black pens for creating boxes and headlines -Copic multiliners - .3 I use most often
  3. Colorful pens (whatever you find you like) for doodling - Jelly Roll Pens all kinds
    • Souffle - is a pen that dries opaque for dark paper - I use on the inner blue edges of my weekly pages
    • Glaze - is a pen that dries 3d in vibrant colors, for use on white/light areas of my planner
    • Metallic - silver, gold, copper, black
    • Stardust - like fairy dust, very twinkly
  4. Stamps for repetitive words where I want to have a consistent look - Tabs for Everything and Rotary stamp
  5. Washi tape - thin 1/8" for breaking up my weekly pages and outlining monthly pages - I like a variety and I go through it fast! I've listed alot of options below
  6. Stickers - lots and lots of stickers - I've listed a great brand that I love with lots of themes.

A complete list of the supplies that I use are listed below.

Here is the unboxing and setup -> VIDEO

I created a video walk through and demo to get you inspired to try this out! Video length: 9 min 57 sec.

Supplies Used In This Project: 

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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