Guess What Bend Sunriver Thousand Trails Has?

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Bend Oregon, on the way to Texas | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We had a very long day yesterday, driving 9 1/2 hours from Mount Vernon to Bend-Sunriver Oregon. It was worth the long trek. We arrived just before dark and took the first site that was deep enough for our rig. Parking was a little bit tricky thanks to two slender trees that someone let grow right in the middle of the site at the front entrance. They have lots of dings on them. I was careful...

Stamp Camp - Navy Cat Of The Night Card

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Stamp Camp - Navy Cat Of The Night Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We just moved from way up north in Washington - Mount Vernon, down to Bend Oregon. It was a grueling 9 1/2 hour trek. We needed to get camp setup before dark so we left at 7:30am in the pouring down rain, which meant crawling on I-405 from Bothell through Bellevue which is the worse for rush hour traffic. From there it was just a long, nice drive. But enough of that, Now I can start my...

Stamp Camp - Copper Joy Christmas Card

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Stamp Camp - Copper Joy Christmas Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I thought this was a nice CAS (Clean and simple) Christmas card. It was the first project we worked on. I learned two tips about working with metallic thread. First how to unravel it and second how to make a nice looping figure 8. I will include a short video on this because the tricks were so easy! I struggle to make my looped threads nice and tidy and now I know the secret! I liked the mix...

Stamp Camp Report Fall 2017 - Quick Summary

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Stamp Camp Report Fall 2017 - Christmas Display | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I have been so busy this week getting ready for our winter trek to Texas that I haven't had time to post about the stamp camp I just attended. I am grateful that I was able to go, we ended up having to push out our departure by a week. I really like this particular location, it is spacious and has good lighting. Some folks said it was too cold for them. I wore layers and was just fine. In...

Last Day Of Disc Golf At BakerView Park - And What A View!

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Last Day Of Disc Golf At BakerView Park - And What A View! | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We woke up to a sunny day and decided to go play a round of golf at Bakerview park. It was perfect weather with a great view of Mount Baker. We did end up buying four new discs after losing one in Leavenworth. Hub got a replacement Daudelus. And, after playing a few different putters, he decided to go back to the Nova (so he took his back from me) I bought us each a second Nova since we both...

Fall Colors Distressed Happy Birthday Card

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Fall Colors Distressed Happy Birthday Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This week's Creative Cat Crew color challenge #27 are Halloween colors. I do not as a rule make Halloween cards, so I decided to make a fall colors birthday card using Timeless Textures. I chose a small simple sentiment from At Home With You. The colors for this challenge are: Basic Black, Pumpkin Pie, Garden Green, and white. Here is the image used for inspiration: ...

Another Moving Day, It Feels A Bit Like Ping Pong

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Stevens Pass Fall Colors With Snow | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We finished up our week in Leavenworth with a round of disc golf. The highlights of the round was on my approach shot for hole seven and hole nine. I had to anhyzer left handed over the corner of the tennis court fence (very tall cyclone fence). I am still very inconsistent on any special shaped shots like this. However this shot flew high and at a very steep angle were it needed to go. We saw...

Swap Birthday Card For Stamp Camp

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Card Swap Birthday Succulents | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I realized over the weekend that I will be in town for the big fall stamp camp event. During lunch there is a card swap. I signed up and then remembered the card swap. I have a surplus of odd sized white cardstock that I've wanted to do something with. This was the perfect opportunity to use it up! I used the stamps and dies from Stampin Up!'s Oh So Succulent bundle. I came up just short of...