Fall Stay At Leavenworth - We Are Officially On Our Way To Florida!

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Fall Colors In Leavenworth | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We finished all of our medical exams, procedures and tests. I wouldn't say we aced everything, but we did well enough to not have to stress about anything medical during our winter travels. When you get older and have certain medical conditions, I suggest timing your annual wellness exam and labs to be complete before you leave, don't leave anything to chance! My theory is that positive results make for much less stressful travels. 

On the road to leavenworth - fall colors | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Our first stop on our way to Florida was Leavenworth. We stayed five nights. It actually rained a full day on Saturday so we only played one and a half rounds of disc golf. I am happy to report that I am much improved after having carpal tunnel surgery and I did see my shoulder surgeon who ordered an injection (one of those last minute appointments). Both procedures worked wonders on my throwing arm!

This campground has very shy critters so as our stay progressed, we were surprised at how many we saw. The first critter sighting was a chipmunk outside our door. I was unsuccessful at snapping a pic of him, he shot off the instant I moved to get a better shot. Later that day walking from hole three to four I got a picture of strange fussy caterpillar, this is the second one I've found here. The first image is the one I just saw and the second is the other strange caterpillar I saw in July. Fuzzy Caterpillar - Fall in Leavenworth | Tracy Maie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.comJuly Strange Caterpillar | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We also saw a turkey family strutting through the big field but I did not get my phone out in time for a decent picture. Not much later while walking to hole five, I spotted a small toad and Hub caught him for a picture. He was not shy at all and posed nicely for his photo shoot. Small Toad in Leavenworth | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

I still have Leavenworth at the top spot for my favorite Thousand Trails. We have been to 22 TT resorts so far and plan to stay at 5 new resorts this winter. Our membership is an older one, with free access to 60 out of 81 parks.

We are going to stop at Little Diamond next for a couple of nights and will head in to Spokane as needed for any last minute shopping. 

We are working through our travel plan as well while at Little Diamond. Tomorrow we will call every campground on our list to make sure they are open and find out if we need to make reservations. All but one location are Passport America, which gives a great bang for the buck at 1/2 price on each night. Every campground has its own rules which I logged and we will confirm. 

The priority order we use for planning our stays is as follows: 1. Thousand Trails (free) 2. Coast To Coast (new membership) $10/night tied with RPI $10/night. 3. Passport America (half off of one night, sometimes more.) 4. Escapees pricing varies, but we are using them in Arizona for their reasonable montly rate for three months Jan-Mar.

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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