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[Warning: This is a very long post!]

I've been in love with Copic Markers since I discovered them a little more than a year ago. I feel like I am late to the party on every level of papercrafting and my aha moment with Copics came sometime early last year. I am thinking back now to when I first decided,"OMG will you look at the vibrant colors that this line of markers produces!". It must have been around February of last year. I think by March I owned a smattering of them, some small number like a dozen. I quickly learned that a dozen does not get you very far. I met some Copic colorists in my local papercrafting "crowd" and picked their brain as well as drooled over their work.

By June I was seriously collecting the Sketch line of markers and knew I wanted a formal education from the pros. Alas, the closest classes were in Oregon later in the year and I could not fit in the time it would take for travel. By September I'd drank the koolaid and owned the complete set of sketch markers. I'd colored until my hands ached and begged for a break. I received coloring books as gifts and found that coloring books helped feed my passion. I enjoy making larger art pieces in addition to coloring stamped images. I'd added Copic Certification training to my bucket list of crafting things to get done and then in March it happened. I was on the Splitcoast Stampers site and there was a banner ad promoting Copic Certification in SEATTLE in April. I dropped everything and signed up for every class available that weekend. Training concluded yesterday and today I marked Copic Certification off my bucket list. I drank in all the instructor had to teach us. The instructor was Lori Craig, who, of all things, is a Splitcoast Stamper Admin, and she posted that banner ad on the site! I thanked her profusely:) 

Here are the deets:

Day 1 - I got up at 5:30am, was on the road at 6:30. I had to drive from north of Seattle down to SeaTac and wanted to be sure if traffic was bad I would not be late. I got there at 7:30am, nothing like being ahead of schedule!

We colored from about 10:30 until after 8pm. The first hour and a half of the basic certification is a review of the entire Copic product line. We did get an hour dinner break between the basic class and the flower workshop.

At first I was my typical super slow coloring self. I challenged myself to speed up the coloring to not fall behind. That first day was literally 9 hours of intense instruction. In that first class I received a bunch of goodies including doubles of all the practice sheets (printed on Express It Cardstock) a 4 x 6 portfolio, a goody bag with 2 colored sketch markers, a colorless blender, a Spica glitter marker (clear) and a brown multiliner. I also received 2 certificates and a lapel pin. It was a great day and I feel like I made a haul in every way possible.

I went to my room that night exhausted. I thought I'd be coloring in the room while chilling and after dividing up my goodies and sorting everything I was so tired that I watched a little TV and was out like a light.

Day 2 - I was up early. Yes I was a bit sore and my hands which cause me problems were squawking. Little did they know what was in store for them! We started promptly at 9am. Lori gave us a schedule for the day and instead of ending at 3pm as was originally posted on the website, the Intermediate class was going to go until 6:30! OMG, talk about a gauntlet. However, I feel like I got soooo much for my money in the Intermediate class that it was a bargain! We had two 15 minute breaks and a one hour lunch, that was it!

The rest of the day was heavy, heavy coloring. I'd really picked up the pace so I could absorb more of the lesson and follow ups. One particular section was tips and tricks for coloring red. I've used red extensively and actually finished the project early! We covered a huge number of topics and tricky elements to color, color choices, workarounds etc. Then of course at the end we had our big grand finale project. In addition, this day was filled with more goodies of course. Another 4 x 6 folio with a thick stack of practice cards, again double of everything. Later in the day Lori handed out the big goody for the class, a complimentary 72 pen case. I already own too many cases and a gal from Canada bought it off me saving her a mint and saving me from having to sell it later.

At 6:30 I packed up and before driving home I sat and ate the other half of my Subway sandwich, I was STARVING! I reminisced about all I learned and in the beautiful sunny late afternoon I flew home on a clear I-5. We hardly slowed down at all. I was home by 7:30. I was too excited to do anything but review the projects for the day and put them in the folio.

The material covered in the class is proprietary so I am not comfortable posting pictures of everything. What I can tell you without a doubt is that my blending skills DOUBLED. I can compare the first practice card from Day One to practice cards late in the second day and I finally achieved a true streakless blend. We learned so many techniques that I cannot wait to play with them on my own projects. I will be sure to point them out!

Favorite techniques for me were flick blending two different colors together from day one and if I had to choose my favorite part of the second day, it would have to be the nature segment.

The picture I am posting is an early coloring project I completed while working at our corporate bazaar last fall. I'd colored quite a bit at this point and had watched every video I could get my hands on. I do have formal art training so finding a light source and laying down a full range of light to dark color tones doesn't intimidate me. I have framed this photo and put it in my studio. It took me about 6 hours with many interruptions to finish. This is line Art by ReQuay at Deviant Art: her lineart is the best equine art I've come across.

The second image is my very, and I mean VERY first coloring book page. It took me a full Saturday, 14 hours and another 6 hours on Sunday. I did not own many markers at that point, and my blending skills were not very developed, but I still like it all the same. I recall I had to go to Michaels and buy E01 or 2 for some shadowing because all I had was E00 (face) and E04 (lips).

First Full Page Coloring Project | Tracy Marie Lewis |

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