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Two major life events took place for me in the last couple of weeks. First, we listed our lovely home to sell in May, Mother's day weekend. We received multiple offers and ended up selling it for 20k over list price. Our new home is a tiny home, only 350 SF so the packing and purging involved was extensive and stressful. We had a 6/3 closing date that moved out a few days to close on 6/8.

In the midst of that, I've been working with a hand clinic on a repeating condition called trigger finger. The PA who was working with me finally called it a day and recommended I see the surgeon. So in April I did, and we penciled in surgery for both hands in early June. Because closing was only one day after surgery, I kept the surgery date.

We moved our new home up to my mom's 2 days prior to surgery. My husband stayed on task with our home, finishing up the move and signing the closing papers. We did some paperwork making him Power of Attorney for the closing as I would not be up to writing. My mom took me to have the procedure done. All went well. I had 6 fingers "released". There are 2 incisions per hand, on the palm. I cannot do much of anything until I see the surgeon on 7/5 where we will discuss returning to work and how to phase in activities.

I love my new home, it will take alot of work to get adjusted to such a small space. I did find room for ALL of my stamps and quite a few embellishments and media. My mom has all of my paper up at her house and after I heal up I will be cutting paper down to fit in the storage I have set aside for paper. I hope to be crafting by July.

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