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Xyron Adhesive Machine | Tracy Marie lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
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I have a funny story about this tool. I bought this long ago for laminating sales cards when I was a mobile vendor at horse shows. I used it very little. At my first craft retreat I got to see other uses of this great tool. Not only does it laminate, it will put an image on a magnet sheet, make an image into a sticker, or a repositionable sticker. I brought it with me to the retreat but found that the 510 model I own was a bit large and bulky and for my project (Christmas cards) I didn't really need to have 5" of stickered paper most of the time. So someone showed me a teeny tiny one called the 150. it is in the shape of an x and processes up to 1 1/2" thick paper. I use them both, but if you are on a budget the 150 is great and refills are only $6 or so. I find the stickiness to be less than ScorTape, but it is also thinner so doesn't add bulk to your new sticker. Because this is a tool, but can make a sticker, I've also added it to the Adhesives category.

Xyron 150

Here's a link where you can buy the Xyron 150: External shopping link to buy Xyron 150

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