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Last Minute Christmas Tags - Tracy Marie Lewis -

It never fails, right before Christmas Eve with my husband's family, my husband will request that I make something. This year we were more prepared than normal, but I did get the call for making him some gift tags. I had just received an order with a selection of Gina Marie dies. I feel that the pricing on her site is very competitive and wanted to compare the quality to other brands with much higher pricing. More specifically, she has a series of stitched dies and other designs similar to what I would consider name brand so many of what I bought are actually similar to what I already own. I did make sure that what I chose was different enough to justify buying it. In addition, I had received some cool star dies for my birthday I'd not used yet. I paired up a star with a tree. I chose silver accents this time as it matched with the wrapping paper the hubs had chosen. I used silver glitter paper scraps, which meant my stars weren't "whole" but that was ok because it looks better having them part off the tag anyways. I then used silver Holtz distress paint daubers to quickly line the edges of the tree and the tags themselves. for tag shapes, I used the largest Holtz Tag Die, and two of the new Gina Marie dotted edges fancy dies. I really like how they turned out! As far as supplies details, in my exuberance I took the stars out of the packaging and now cannot find the package. I know they were a brand that focuses on memories pages or some such. I will ask my friend who gave them to me and will update the site later!

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