San Benito RV Resort - Our Home for The Fourth Of July

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San Benito RV Resort | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We were hesitant to continue heading south through mid July. We have to turnaround and head up to Washington state for a craft retreat I am going to in September and thought we might be going too far away. After some debate decided to stick with our original plan and go to San Benito. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive and because of accidents on the major highways we took backroads through the farming areas. It was a lovely drive. I so appreciated the nice roads in this part of California!

Central California is very dry and hilly. When we turned off the highway, it was all farm land, bustling with activity. Thousand Trails had large signs so we knew we were on the right track. Nestled in the middle of farmllands, vineyards and grazing land is this huge property with 596 total camping spots (RV, Tent and Cabins). This is by far the largest Thousand Trails property we have stayed at. I saw ALOT of golf carts when we arrived, now I know why! DH mentioned as we drove in that this was definitely a step above the other parks we've visited. 

All of the shaded spaces were taken, but the highs here are only mid 80s so we were fine to take a sunny spot. We picked an outer back-in space with no one on our left and a tent site on our right. We have a creek behind us. There is plenty of space for us to set up our basket on the left to practice putting.

The entire park is wired for Internet, Verizon cell service her is decent, though not as fast as Russian River's was. I haven't yet gone exploring the amenities yet, but the country store is a real store, and they have Lunch Mon through Friday, Dinner on Friday and Breakfast on the weekend. This is the first property with a working mini-golf course, it is very large and fancy and has just been repainted so really catches your eye when you drive in.

We did scout out the mail situation. We drove the 7 miles to the nearest post office and they had us fill out a form for General Delivery. This is a very small post office and its the first that gave me a form to fill out. The park does accept Fedex and UPS, but we are caught up on that sort of mail. I've sent the USPS address to my mail forward provider so we can catch up on our mail. I snapped a pic of the front of the post office as it had alot of character.

Tres Pinos USPS

A littler further up the highway is the nearest city and the Safeway there rocks! It is so packed to overflowing it reminds me of grocery shopping when I was a child. We are right in the middle of California farmland and the produce section is to die for. It smells of all the fruits and vegetables that they've packed in there for us to buy. Prices are reasonable on some things, but check out the price for Honeycrisp apples, Yikes!

WOW, some spendy apples!

On the down side, the nearest disc golf course is just under an hour away. The grounds here are so expansive I hope to set up our basket and practice some drives in addition to putting in our own yard next to our site.

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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