Neenah Classic Crest 80lb Smooth Solar White

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Neenah Classic Crest 80lb Smooth Solar White  | Tracy Marie Lewis |
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Ok, ok, so when I first started making stamped cards after a 22 year hiatus, I was all, what's with these paper snobs? Remember I came from the school of glossy cardstock. I started with Recollections 65lb white, and that paper is ok. But then I bought Copic Markers. I had friends give me some sample papers to try out. I did my own color test and guess what? Neenah was the best for the money... sigh. So here I am now a fellow paper snob. Now for cardbases I do still use Recollections 110 lb, versus the Neenah 110lb. But I find that it is just too confusing to have all these paper folders with the lbs marked, because once you take it out of the folder, cut it up and then have scraps running around, it is really important not to grab the wrong paper to color on. So, this is what I have settled on as the best multi use paper around for a very good quality result.

Happy stamping and/or camping!