Delta Shores Resort - We're Heading Back Up North

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Delta Shores Resort - We're Heading North | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We packed up in the scorching heat at San Benito. It was a very slow break down of camp starting on Monday which was well over 100 degrees. Even in the shade it was hot with very little breeze. We washed the truck, cleaned and organized our storage spaces as we went along. Living in one place for three weeks ensures we camp creep, pulling out an inordinant amount of "stuff" and that then leads to cleaning/organizing when we pack everything back up.

Wednesday we got up early to finish packing and hook up. We were on the road before 10am. It was only 2 1/2 hours to Delta Shores Resort and Marina. We cut east on 156 and hopped on I-5 for the first time in many months. What a change from 101!

This resort is in the midst of a delta and has a lovely breeze. I was amazed at how green it is after the yellow of San Benito. We found a nice treed site and I backed it right in. I can tell I have got my sea legs with backing up the fifth wheel. It turns much sharper and you cannot follow it like a bumper pull trailer so I've made the adjustments and now it is easy peasy.

We have a very large grassy field for playing golf in (Note: it is the septic field, but that won't stop us.)
The view out our back window.

Because we back up to the field our view is very nice. It was 91 degrees yesterday but the shade and breeze made it feel so refreshing to us. We've been able to remove the foil from the bedroom windows and the door and have the foil handy to put in the back windows this afternoon when the sun hits us. I liked waking up to a light bedroom instead of waking up in the dark.

I like how this property is setup, it has four large storage building units in front, then the lodge, pool, mini golf, laundry and checkin. There's 200 full hookup sites and in the very back is dry storage for boats and RVs. There are also some cabins to rent. I like the layout and the use of space, if I were to own an RV property, this would be a great layout.

We need to tackle cleaning the goo off all of the awnings. We cannot use a hose sprayer so plan to use the AC water we collect in a bucket. Luckily the goo is pretty easy to remove compared to the pitch we have to deal with up in Washington state. We will be here for one week and then will have a week of short stays as we work our way back up along the Oregon Coast to Pacific City RV Resort.

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