Storage Series - Saving Space By Using Copic Markers To Color Your Embellishments

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Storage Series - Saving Space By Using Copic Markers To Color Your Embellishments | Tracy Marie Lewis |

When we were planning our lifestyle change to living full time in an RV, I knew I had to minimize my embellishments. I had a dedicated craft space that was quite large with floor to ceiling storage. This storage also extended into one of the bedrooms. Ribbon was a biggie for me because I had so much of it. I own a full set of Copic Sketch Markers which are a big investment and I have researched all the ways in which they can be used. I started to experiment with using Copic markers to color various embellishments and found a good fit with four different types of embellishments that are used all the time in papercrafting:

  • Pearls
  • Rhinestones
  • Sequins
  • Ribbon

Note: Copic Markers are "alcohol markers" so any alchohol based marker will work on these items. One inexpensive alchohol marker is a "sharpie" - I have not tested any Sharpies so, please test first! Even with Copics some colors don't apply as well as others on the hard surfaces. ALL Copics color ribbon well. 

Watch this short video where I demonstrate how easy it is to color these items. Video Length: 4 min 38 seconds.

I have NOT had good luck coloring buttons, though you should give it a try!

Some tips on buying the embellishments shown above. Stampin' Up Pearls and Rhinestones come in multiple sizes, I really like their smallest size AND they are high quality with good adhesive, however if you need bulk (Im talking 1500+) and are not worried about high quality or great adhesive properties, try Ebay. Unfortunately Stampin' Up does not have a variety of white ribbon nor white sequins, or I would have listed them. I like the Holtz Krinkle ribbon (seaming tape) and I buy other white ribbons from Micheal's using 1/2 off coupons. White sequins are tricky to find, I list one source below. overall I have found that embellishments last a very long time. I will not likely ever run out of what I have on hand:)

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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