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Travel Days - Four States In Four Days - 1200 Miles | Tracy Marie Lewis |

UPDATE: I added two videos 

We managed to travel 1200 miles and cross four states from Wednesday to today. Overall the terrain was the same until Utah, Hub noted that we picked the most lifeless path possible to get to Utah. Once we hit I-15 in Utah however, the landscape really brightened up. Hub was surprised when we got on I-15 and the speed limit was 80, yes 80, for EVERYONE. Wow. Right away we saw that the slow lane, was truly the slow lane, and we stayed there going 65 to 70. 

Wednesday, we left at 11am, drove 8 1/2 hours to Valmy Nevada. Our target rest area was CLOSED so we parked right on the road and crashed. We were up very early, and on the road before 7am where we drove another 450 miles to St. George Utah. What a beautiful place. I am always amazed when I am in Utah. The rock formations and red dirt are such a lovely site, so different that what we are used to.

We stayed at the St. George KOA for two nights, but on our "rest" day we didn't rest as we'd planned. Instead we were up and out the door by 10am to go play some disc golf. We went to Pine View Park and played the first four holes then thought we'd better stop because we were in tank tops.  The sun was beating down on us even though it wasn't too hot. The last thing we needed was to be sunburned for the next day's 320 mile drive into Arizona. I video'ed a little bit of our round : . We left the park to forage up a calzone for Hub's birthday (it was the day before). We found a local pizza place that has a full Italian menu. He got his birthday calzone and I had a caesar salad. Both were yummy!

Once back home I wanted to sneak in a load of laundry. We had sewer and suspected there would be no sewer available for us at Page Springs. I did a load of darks to make it another week. By 3pm I started my "rest" day. Our rented internet line stopped working on the 25th, the renter is overseas so basically said they could not help us. Instead of resting, I ended up researching other broadband internet line sources. We had free basic internet at the KOA and did not know if there would be any internet at our next stop. I got a response from a different line rental company but all they have are AT&T lines atm. We are desperate for any kind of unlimited internet so I told them once we get to Texas I will get in touch with them. They will also sell us a Verizon line (not a rental) but the price is steep enough that I want to wait until next year to consider that large of a commitment. 

Hub snuck a nap in, I did not, but then I am not much of a napper. We unhooked the sewer and water and stowed all we could for a quick exit in the morning. We hardly slept at all of course and were up at 6am.

I haven't mentioned the gravel roads yet. The google maps tool on our Droid phones is great at suggesting shortcuts, but it doesn't consider what type of vehicle we are driving. On our way out of Bend the nav took us on a 1 hour shortcut, but three miles of it was gravel. It was a decent road but we would have liked to know it would be gravel. Two more times in Nevada we were directed to gravel roads, but this time they started out as gravel and we declined them opting to take the longer way through town in which there was an accident and we were delayed 10 minutes. The delay was preferred to unknown gravel roads. 

Back to our final travel day. We were on the road by 6:40am. Hub made his own path and guess what... half way in on the road he chose did what? Yup, turned to gravel, and it was a nasty gravel road. But it was short, and saved us alot of time.  Now we know why the nav took us around the hill not through the hill the previous day. We had a good laugh about that. It was pitch black when we drove the gravel road. In fact it was so dark by 7:15am that I looked up sunrise and it reported to me that sunrise would be 7:54am... yikes! So late!

The journey today was shorter, only six hours and the highways were ok, not great, but not horrible. The overall rough drive has caused our propane tanks door to no longer stay closed. Hub got out three times today to duct tape it. I will post a pic of it tomorrow. Each time he went to re-tape, he used more, and more tape. We are almost out. Need to add more duct tape to our shopping list.

Which brings me to our current campground. It is a Resort Parks international affiliated park, so the price was right at $13/night plus tax. It is very small, has a somewhat treacherous entry which is steep, leading down to a riverside grotto of green in the barren desert of Page Springs, Arizona. The trees are mature and we are on a nice shaded grassy end of the park in a site that has a huge tree protecting one side of our site. We are still packed in like sardines and sure enough there were no sewer sites available. But I do like our site. The ground is deep red soft sand where it is not grass and there aren't any sites on the river side across from us, another nice bonus. The host mentioned that the park would be full this week. 

There is no cell service at all here. I had to pay $10.95 for a week of internet (not the broadband kind, traditional Wifi) which worked fine for the first two hours, but then everyone logged in and it ground to a crawl. I need some sort of communication because our original internet line rental company emailed me this morning with a note that they think they can get our Verizon UDP(unlimited data plan -broadband)  line re-activated. They just need the SIM card ID. So I got that to them, they confirmed receipt, now my fingers are crossed that we will not have to settle for an AT&T line. These are true unlimited broadband data lines which make streaming and gaming just like a land internet line. It is dependent on good 4G broadband signal however so it does have limitations. We use about 200gig/month - just calculate how much that would cost with a typical shared family plan! (for reference, the current "unlimited" plans are only 15gig, then they throttle your tethering to 600kps.)

We will be here for eight days. The thought behind staying in this part of Arizona is to check out the Flagstaff area for real estate investment potential. We know that we won't likely buy here as it is a state income tax state, and so far we are not fond of the terrain.  We will still spend the week checking things out. Hub had researched great places to retire and Flagstaff came up high on one of the lists. There is a high-rated disc golf course only 15 minutes away. It is 18 holes so that should keep us busy! I did film some of our disc golf fun at Pine View and will process and post that tomorrow. I have been throwing very consistent off the tee lately (I am not very consistent at all, so this is good). I'd like to keep playing in hopes that I can lock in this consistency so becomes the norm, not an outlier.

Whew, we have alot going on! I hope the internet here will allow me to post more often. Because the internet is so slow right now I am going to post without images and will get some images up in the am (hopefully).

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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