Our First Christmas On The Road! And We Survived To Tell The Tale

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Our First Christmas On The Road! And We Survived To Tell The Tale | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We had a very quiet Christmas as you can imagine. The weather here in Texas is quite cold. Way too cold for us for sure. It will be in the 20s at night all week. Part of Christmas Day we surfed alternative places to go that are warmer. I also processed three videos and loaded them up. That means I met my weekly three video upload six days early.

One thing Hub did, and he wishes he'd done is sooner is bring out our strip of LED lights we got last year from his sister (Thanks Nose!). He had already tried to figure out a way to mount them outside on our awning, but they don't have the correct channel configuration. Instead he brought them inside, and you know what? They really make a nice soft light where we put them which was over our kitchen slide. It helps that we have tinsel and sparkly decorations on the walls which makes it quite festive. These lights come with a remote that has as many buttons as our stereo has! You can do ANYTHING with these lights!

I vote for us to trim and attach these to our slide top permanently. Our overhead lights are LED and do not have a dimmer so at night they are too bright. I would like these on every night. I am going to keep working Hub. 

Hub made mini sugar cookies for us yesterday. We are of course perma-dieting so they are quite a bit smaller than our normal size and we don't have any cutter shapes with us so these were simple and yummy. We even froze some to encourage us to consume them more slowly.

This morning we called and changed our travel plans and will be heading for sunny and warm southern Arizona on January 2nd. It will take us two days to get there so we arranged to stay overnight in New Mexico to add confirmation to our story of having been there. At 1pm it was only 37 degrees to we drove to the nearest real grocery store, which is 35 minutes away. On the way home we took the slow scenic route, which took us through a National Wildlife Refuge. Most of it is a 20mph dirt road. We didn't see much wilflife, just lots and lots of Mallards! It was still a good way to see the area and still stay warm.

I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas, I know so many of you all got SNOW! Be safe this week and have a Great New Years!

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