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Alternative 2 - House Series - Using Paper Pumpkin March 2020 - No Matter The Weather

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alternative 2 - House Series - No Matter The Weather | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This is a yellow door with wood pattern DSP. I just want to point out that the paper I used to color with the Blends markers is the back flap of the provided card bases. The result of coloring on this cardstock is alot of bleeding. I also found out that the colors saturate the paper, rather than blending so you can tell the darker line in the coloring. On marker quality cardstock, there would...

Alternatives - April 2020 Paper Pumpkin - My Wonderful Family

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Alternatives - April 2020 Paper Pumpkin | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This month's Paper Pumpkin had something a little different for the A2 cardmaker. They included fancy fold bases. This threw me off my game, but it also sent me down a path I don't normally take. I used the actual bases as provided on three of the alternatives. This was a nice set. I have no siblings so I do wish they'd added one more sentiment in the cursive font "friend" then I would have...

Video - My Easter/Spring Cards - This Bunch Made From March 2020 Paper Pumpkin

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My Easter & Spring Cards Using March 2020 Paper Pumpkin | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I have this HUGE list of cards to make. To tackle this list I broke them down into groups. The largest group is for family and card making friends and I used the March Paper Pumpkin kit "No Matter The Weather" for all of them. This video details my plan, as well as a variety of tips, finishing up with a showcase of all 14 finished cards. I mention two Pinterest pins I used for inspiration,...

Paper Pumpkin For April - For Those You Love Most

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April 2020 Paper Pumpkin Kit - Subscribe now | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Paper Pumpkin is my all time favorite Stampin' Up! product, and that says alot because I love all of Stampin' Up!'s products.

During this very stressful time where family and friends cannot be in close proximity, a card with a note of encouragement can help fill that gap.

The April Paper Pumpkin is going to be a family/friend oriented all inclusive stamp kit containing all you...

Eleven Alternatives - March 2020 Paper Pumpkin - No Matter The Weather

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Alternatives - March 2020 Paper Pumpkin - Easter Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This month's Paper Pumpkin is one of the great ones! I know many folks might not appreciate the golashes/rain/muck/barn boots, but growing up with horses I lived in them in the winter. I lost my original muck boots in our trailer accident and replaced them with a taller pair because they are truly the most comfortable boots of that kind I've ever had. Ironically the brand is "Muck". Most feed...

NINE Alternatives - February 2020 - Paper Pumpkin - Lovely Day

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Paper Pumpkin Alternatives February 2020 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Boy does it feel like I just posted my last Paper Pumpkin alternative video...oh wait, I DID. On 2/8 I published my Valentine's Day showcase which used the January kit.

I picked up the February kit and immediately jumped into it. The first thing I noticed is that the kit has a very feminine feel to it and after creating two quick feminine layouts, I took on the challenge of making...

Alternatives - Showcase Of My Valentine's Cards THIRTEEN - January Paper Pumpkin 2020 - Bee Mine

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Paper Pumpkint Alternatives January 2020 Bee Mine | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Here's the final showcase of my Valenine's Day Cards Including tips and tricks to make the best of your cards! Video length 1 min 46 sec.

I used a few non-Stampin' Up! supplies because they are long time favorites of mine. I have submitted these products to what is called the Sand Box where SU demonstrators submit their suggestions. 

Alternatives - Paper Pumpkin November 2019 - Winter Gifts

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Alternatives Paper Pumpkin November 2019 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This month's Paper Pumpkin kit coordinates with last months kit. I create six alternatives using some of last month's kit supplies and walk through all fourteen alternatives that span both months. 

The volume of supplies provided between both kits allows for 30 or so very fancy cards, or 50 casual holiday cards.