How Do We Plan Our RV Trips? Here's What Works For Us

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How We Plan Our RV Trips | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I have spent over 15 years traveling in some sort of an RV. RV travel requires planning ahead. There are special considerations to take into account when you are over 40 feet long.  I have created a two part video series walking through how I use Google Maps to map out every leg of my RV trip. I demonstrate my camping membership tools to guide me in making good campground choices, I even show the registration system for Coast to Coast and RPI.

I do want to bring attention to our least expensive membership we own. It serves a very specific purpose. Passport America is what we use for 90% of our camping nights when we are getting from point A to point B. I mostly use the hard copy book which I show in the Part two video, but I also show how the online tool works in the Part one video as well. 

Finally, armed with a printout for every destination, I use our Next Exit book to plan our re-fueling stops. The key for RV travellers is to look for red text, the red text indicates an RV friendly fuel station. The other info to know is whether your exit will be either north, south, east or west of the highway when you get off (this is counter intuitive). And that is the recipe for a perfect fuel up! When we are traveling on smaller highways not in the Next Exit book, we always feel a little lost... Watch Part Two to see a short demo of The Next Exit.

Part one (online demonstrations) video length 31 min 36 sec. - see below
Part two (paper copy demonstrations) video length 10 min 25 sec. you will be prompted for this at the end of Part one.... 

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