Spring Disc Golf - Vibram - Playing While We Can!

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Spring Disc Golf - Vibram - Playing While We Can! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We have not played disc golf for five months now. All because of the weather! So, finally the 10-day weather forcast showed enough consecutive sunny days for the local courses to dry out (sort of) and we had two days of disc golf fun. I have been fighting off allergies, but Hub was relentless so we played until we both got sick. 

Here's how this went down. We noticed a break in the weather. We had the option of going to the dealer to pick up our discs OR we could order a couple of replacement discs, of which we still haven't bought any to replace the ones lost. We opted to order some Vibram discs. 

The first order of three discs arrived Wednesday afternoon so that evening we went to Twin Rivers and threw across the Baseball field to the corner where there is a practice basket. It was pretty wet still. 

The next day we waited until the afternoon. It was a hot 80 degree day, very rare for April. We went and played our first round. I was so pleasantly surprised at how well I played the course. I haven't played there since before we left last year and in that time I played ALOT of disc golf. Needless to say my skill level is so much better than it was. I felt in command of my throws the entire time. Yes it was still very wet there, but not muddy.

On Friday, the last nice day, I was under the weather, but hub insisted we get our play time in so we went down to Silverlake. Again I played amazing for me. I did get tired toward the end but managed to pull off a good last basket for par. That evening Hub pushed me out the door even though I was decidedly feeling punkish. We went to Church Creek this time and I did quite well. There is still alot of mud and standing water but again I played this course way better than I have ever played it. Hub of course played very well as always.

I sure did pay on Saturday. I think all that pollenated air got to me. Ironically Hub woke up sick as well and he slept until 3:30pm! I did video a few holes at Silverlake and talk about our new Vibram discs in a spontaneous in our hand (think In the Bag) segment. Video Length 12 min. 19 sec. 

Vibram Discs for sale at Infinite Discs - get them while supplies last as Vibram is bowing out of the disc business.

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