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Colorful Koi Fish It's Your Day Card

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Colorful Koi - Its your day Card | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I bought this particular set without knowing exactly how I would use it. I don't know any Koi fish lovers but I personally love the new DistINKtive red rubber stamps. These stamps are created with pixels that control the color intensity. Being able to stamp one time and have the image show varying color depts is such an awesome concept to me. Now I no longer have to worry about mis-stamping...

Swap Share - Favorite Christmas Swaps

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Favorite Christmas Swap Made By Libby Foreman | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I decided to share the top two Christmas swaps. I was able to photograph over 450 swaps by combining my swaps as well as my two team mates swaps. 

Ironically the two favorites were in my stash of 50 and both were from my extended team in Washington state. The swaps took place in Orlando at OnStage in November. Since I travel full time I loved being able to spend extra time with my team...