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Episode 28 - Marie's 168 Temu Haul - Getting The Most From Temu Coupons - Marie's 168 Oil Pencils WIP

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Here's a summary of how I utilize Temu coupons.

Temu advertises "sets" of coupons with a total of all discounts combined. Each set of coupons is only good for about 24 to 36 hours and you will see a countdown timer as soon as you make a qualifying purchase. Typical qualifying amounts are $29, $39 and $49. I wait until the amount is $29.

Temu will not disclose up front what the...

+20 Alternatives - September 2023 Paper Pumpkin - With Love & Gratitude

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This month's kit is not the standard September "Halloween" kit that I have come to expect. I love, love, love the fall Thanksgiving theme and cannot wait to finish these up:D I have literally made alternatives for the last 6 years of Halloween kits and had no use for them. I think I made almost thirty layouts, enjoy!

Video - Winter Is Coming Wednesday 2023 Episode 4 - First Winter Card Of The Year... Or So I Thought?

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This year has flown by. We bought a home in Florida last fall and since then we have been in a state of constant motion!

When do we ever have a chance at a near 100% "do over" when it comes to furnishing a home? We came to Florida with our clothes on our back and whatever fit in our 32 foot fifth wheel. Many homes in our community are sold furnished but our home was empty.