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And This Is Why You MUST Turn Off Your Water When You Leave

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And This Is Why You MUST Turn Off Your Water When You Leave | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Ok folks, we've been diligently turning off our water since we moved into our trailer. On Monday we left in the AM and turned the water off. One thing was different however, DH had moved our scale from between the sink/shower to between the wall/toilet. It is quite heavy. Upon our return that afternoon I turned the water back on.

We had been grocery shopping and were busy bringing in...

What's In My Bag - Disc Golf - Tracy

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What's In My Bag - Disc Golf - Tracy | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

As part of our RV travels, we play disc golf. When we choose places to stay the very first thing I do is see how many disc courses are nearby. Since retirement, this once very casual hobby has become part of our routine. We like that we can get exercise while enjoying a very fun hobby that we have played since the 1980s(In the video I state 90s and have been corrected, we dated in high school...

Still In Washington Prepping To Winter In Texas

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Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

I have been crazy busy since we returned to our home area. I attended my crafting retreat which rocked. We took care of our annual Dr. visits. We did some work on our rentals. We ordered alot of supplies we'd been holding off on due to mail delivery limitations that are typical of RV living in campgrounds.

I visited where I worked for 21 years, which I affectionately now call MegaCorp...

Storage Series - Replacing Our Fluffy Cotton Towels With Microfiber Towels

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We continue to streamline our storage. Changing fluffy cotton towels for microfiber towels is a big step in the right direction! I reveal and quickly compare our new towels to the old in a short video and will followup after we wash and use the new ones. Yay for more storage space! Video Length 2 min 28 sec.

Here's the link to the towels we purchased:...

Move To Mount Vernon And Warranty Service

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Mount Vernon RV Campground | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Thunderbird is restricted to two week stays during their peak season so we moved up to Mount Vernon on Wednesday. We scheduled warranty work on our fifth wheel for the next day. The only major issue is a tear from a branch in our roof. It happened very recently and the dealer said it is an insurance claim to replace that repairs do not do well. So we will have to put in a claim with our...

Taking Care of Business - And The Craft Retreat!

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Taking Care of Business - And The Craft Retreat! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

When we arrived at Thunderbird, we had Thursday and Friday to take care of some tasks, then we sat tight for the holiday weekend. While hiding from the holiday revelers (we live in a campground so we were surrounded!) I spent my time packing for the retreat.

I packed ALL inks, metal dies, stencils and embossing folders as well as all of my tools. Only four (of 15) binders of stamps made...

We're Back To the World That Was - Thunderbird RV Resort

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We're Back To the World That Was - Thunderbird RV Resort | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We drove the very short drive from Chehalist to Thunderbird. Miles-wise it was average for us, but I-5 is much faster than highway 101. We were lucky enough to get a sewer site. DH calculates that its been just under two months since we've had a sewer site. Without sewer we are very conservative with our water usage. We have a backlog of laundry to do and since I am going to be doing alot of...

Back In Washington - Chehalis RV Resort - The Very First Thousand Trails

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Dump Day! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We drove up to Washington on 101 through Astoria and followed the Columbia River on Highway 30 to I-5. It was a reasonable drive and took about four and a half hours. Have I mentioned DH's strange habit of pulling over when he has cars behind him? Well he does. Thinks it is the polite thing to do when he doesn't want to speed. People always honk and wave in thanks when they pass us by. This...

The Big Event - Our 2017 Eclipse Experience

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2017 Full Eclipse | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We have been planning for the 2017 Eclipse for over a year now. We got the idea of staying in Oregon from DH's sister who wanted to stay at TT Pacific City RV Resort. So, we made reservations there two months in advance, but alas she could not convince her family to make the journey. As the time drew close DH realized that we would need to drive inland as the weather called for clouds on the...

Pacific City - Oregon Coast for the Eclipse

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I am falling behind on logging our travels. It is hard to keep up with no internet or cell service at our site. We are now back to going to the library or the lodge (very slow WiFi) every day.  It is almost like fasting from technology when we camp in a location with neither cell or wifi. I imagine it is good for us. The daily routine is totally different without those two amenities.