Time To Celebrate! My YouTube Channel Hit 1k Subscribers

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I Finally Hit My YouTube Subscriber Goal! | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

I've been working on my YouTube Channel since September 2017. I wanted to write an article about what I did to meet my goal of becoming a full YouTube Partner. Once you hit this magic status, more channel functionality is enabled including access to their Partner Network, creator support team, my blog URL will be "allowed" on my videos and I can monetize if I choose. For me the key feature I've been dying to use is the blog URL in my videos, not just a typed out URL, a "linked" URL. 

Here's how this project started. In September 2017 I had a whopping 3 subscribers! I had posted videos over the years, and at one point I was even monetized and earned a whole 14 cents! However, I only used it for horse and cat videos, but nothing serious. I did have one video hit over 1k views which was pretty exciting.

After becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator I realized that due to my full time travel schedule I would have to find other ways to gain customers, the traditional event strategy was not going to work. I tried to hold card classes in the campgrounds but the solicitation rules in most campgrounds is very, very strict. Teaching card classes was not going to be a good venue for me so I decided to build up my web presence via my blog and YouTube.

I read and watched tons of How To content and implemented every tip I could figure out. I used an old video processing tool and it took me most of this year to find, purchase and learn a more updated solution. I didn't want to pay anything but in the end I paid $10 for a tool In the Windows store that clicked well with my way of thinking. Some tools I tried were just so foreign to me I had to move on. If I cannot figure a tool out quickly, it isn't the software for me. 

It took many months to figure out which video subject matter would gain me the required visits which is now minutes watched - minutes watched is MUCH harder to hit than the previous visits rule. After I found which video content would get those minutes watched to the minimum required, it was all about building content that would be good enough to gain subscribers and keep them. For instance, I would get 10 to 25 views on my first videos and quickly realized that I needed content that would generate thousands of views and at least 5 minutes per view watched. I participate in a few different YT communities and find it interesting that one person struggles with views but not subscribers, and I had no problem with views but gaining the subscribers at a fast rate was difficult.

In January 2018 I had about 240 subscribers. I figured if I could keep my monthly subscription gain rate no lower than 65/month I would hit 1k around year end.

Sometimes my travel schedule would make video production a challenge, but I did manage to keep the content coming. And, I very diligently respond to every comment on YouTube which is something I enjoy. 

When the last 30 subscribers ended up being the easiest, not the hardest to get, I was thrilled!, I received my 1k congrats email as soon as that magic 1000 rolled over, but I read the fine print which says it will take YT up to a month or more to verify and approve this new Partner status. /sigh 

In addition, I know that YouTube runs the show and they can do crazy things like change the Partner rules, clean up old accounts, etc. which would affect my subscriber count, but I hope I can just keep adding more subscribers at the same rate in 2019. Who knows, perhaps I will be added to some very active lists and my subscribers will skyrocket!

If you are struggling with your channel I recommend a few things as follows, not in any particular order:

1. Get your channel up to snuff, so make an intro video, build out playlists, customize your channel for your three visitor types, format your videos consistently and be active on your channel at all times.
2. Join a few YT communities for your niche, you will learn alot! I suggest Facebook groups.
3. Do not give up! Do not overthink your content, or over edit. Viewers will forgive mistakes as long as your content is honest and meaningful to them.

Tools I use and recommend:
TubeBuddy - Free Version
Movie Maker For Windows 10 - Pro Version

I held off on publishing this article until YouTube "Officially" approved my Partner promotion. It took 2 weeks for them to review my application. Their Partner information says a month or so and I was surprised to see the Approval email so quickly. I already had monetizing configured and it activated automatically. 

Please comment with any questions you have and I will do my best to answer based on my own experience! But seriously, if I can do it, you can too!

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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