May 2021

Pink Blends Swatching May 2021

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There are 10 pink Blends markers for 2021-22! I thought it would be nice to have cardstock and embellishment swatches to speed up deciding on which to use.

The camera had a hard time with all the glossy surfaces, I apologize for that. 

In the end I have a great swatch tool to pull out whenever needed. I might need to swatch ALL the Blends in this manner.

The Lost Files 2 of 2 - The final Goodbye Project - Featuring Blends Experiment, Loading Basic White With Tons Of Ink!

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This last project was so fun. I love exploring the limits of supplies as well as trying something different.

I wanted to softly age this project with some muted tans.

I found that a perfect Blends color to help age Basic White! 

I also discuss a couple of supplies videos I plan to do next!

The Lost Files 1 of 2 - Card Walkthrough Video - Saying Goodbye, Hello + A Returning Product

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Lost Files 1 of 2 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

This week flew by so fast! Next thing I knew it was Friday and two videos had not been loaded.

I decided to title these two videos "The Lost Files" and today's video is the first of the two. I love this card and hub gave it the "ok" which for him is a miracle as he doesn't believe gray should ever be used. "It isn't a color" - is his reasoning.

Sadly the retiring products noted...

Creating New In Color Spots - Labeling & Storage +I Share What I Have Learned

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Making New Ink Spots | Tracy Marie Lewis |

It has been almost 5 years since we sold our home and moved into our fifth wheel to travel full-time.

Our first trailer was just under 35 feet. We replaced it with a 32.5 foot trailer in 2018. Talk about having to manage our space.

Keeping my crafting supplies contained and hidden when not in use has been a challenge for sure.

I talk about how I now store my ink spots (1"...