January 2024

Kalour 180 3.8mm Black Barrel Detailed Walkthrough - Barrels, Swatches, Color Combinations, Frogs, Coloring Page, Slideshow

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Here is the color list for the astronaut coloring page. Since I had not completed the page at the time of the video, I will update this list when it is finished.



  • 020 Sky Blue
  • 159 Light Jade Green
  • 005 Dark Purple

Video - January Love Fest Episode 5 - Two Card Walkthroughs

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January Love Fest 2024 Episode 5 | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Both these cards are lovely.

I spent alot of time working on the various treatments to the layers of paper on card two.

Here's the list of fun things I did with the layers.

  • started with dry embossing with Timber 3D. 
  • roughed up the edges of many of the layers
  • sanded off the top of the brown on the DSP layer
  • curled up a coupld of the corners
  • ...

Video - +45 Alternatives January 2024 Paper Pumpkin - Lovely Lavender +extra supplies, tips, demos

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This is a lovely kit. It seems lately all of them are great! I think tying it in to the Lovely Lavender suite works very well.

It is nice to see a different spin on Valentine's day. I shared a variety of colors options giving you many possibilities of colors other than the purple. 

The showcase has 45 layouts, many of which I didn't even demo in the video, Enjoy!

Video - January 2024 Love Fest Episode 4 - Two Card walkthroughs

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This and the subsequent episodes will feature a card made this year and a card from my Valentine stash. I will try to tell you where all of the elements came from but a few are so old I am not quite sure.

I figured out the splatter on the white card. It is the splatter from Color & contour which is still current so I have added it to the supplies list. 

Video - January Love Fest Episode 1 - Checkout 2018 to 2023 January Valentine Paper Pumpkin & Walk Through Card #1

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Winter in Florida is when everyone wants to visit. The weather is nice, in the 70s and normally it is dry. So with company coming in January & February I needed to get my Valentine cards finished early.

I used previous years of Paper Pumpkin kits and in this episode I share each kit with you to remind you of what each year's stamp set was as well as the instructions for the other...