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Quartzsite Temp The Day We Arrived | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Finally, on 4/28 after a four month stay in Arizona, we had one hot day in Quartzsite! It was the day we moved from Prescott Valley. What a shock it was to open the truck door to be hit with a wave of heat. The next day it was in the low 80s. 


Verde Valley - Thousand Trails 


This cute teddy bear was on a rock by the bathrooms at Verde Valley.







We got stuck in a snowstorm the day before we were scheduled to move!

Congress Arizona - North Ranch Escapees RV Park


The cactus park at North Ranch is very impressive!












Wickenburg has horses everywhere, owners haul them using every type of trailer you can imaging, here's an open cattle trailer with a horse in the very back so it can have its head up.


Sierra Vista - Vista View RV Resort




The heapest place we could find in Sierra Vista was $300/mo all inclusive, so we had very low expectations. Amazingly it was so nice we stayed a second month!





And here is an old bumper pull trailer painted to match the below goose neck trailer.



Note that this property had an old cowboy boot on every fence post. -The place was full of character.


The resort had its own cactus garden along the walking trail.

Hiding in a bush along the trail was the obligatory gnome

Prescott Valley - Fairgrounds RV Park


This RV park is next to a new horse race track that was a fairgrounds at some point in the distant past. Our camp site was here, by these stalls. In the distance you can see a very large indoor arena. If the race track has to use these stalls, there will be some very unhappy campers as horses are very noisy at night. It isn't like they go to bed like humans do. They eat, play with things in their stall, fight (note these are metal walls so kicking will be extra noisy.)



Sunsets are beautiful, even a boring sunset in Arizona is pretty.







The cattle grazing land in Prescott Valley was loaded with these purple flowers and spans as far as the eye can see.



Though we did not see alot of wildlife, there were plenty of bunnies, quail and doves.

Jerome Narrow Street | Tracy Marie Lewis |





We drove through Jerome to the Cottonwood disc golf course once a week in our one ton Dodge dual wheel truck, see the left side of the road there, yup we drove on that side and magically did not hit the curb, not once!




We had to go see the north rim of the Grand Canyon, just to say hi. We spent a few days at the Grand Canyon lodge many years ago.




This is the cleanest pit toilet I have ever had the pleasure to use, it even had a bottle of hand sanitizer by the door.






We then drove home via 89A. Do add this to your bucket list. It is one of the twistiest highways we've driven on. It is NOT a highway you want to take your RV on!

The scenery in Sedona is quite beautiful.









On the way home from the Grand Canyon... we drove through Jerome...yet again.


Quartzsite - Park Place RV Park

Since the snowbird season in Quartzsite is over, all of the RV parks are 95% empty, same with the swap meets and RV show spaces... all devoid of anything... it is pretty eerie. These two parks are by ours. Our park had about 10 rigs with doors open and vehicles outside, the rest were buttoned up tight, slides closed and some with covers.



Here we are all alone in the middle of this park. Everyone around us has left for the summer.




And directly across from us is a fifth wheel... Hub could hear those darn wind chimes echoing in the wind (it was quite windy), so the second night he went over and zip tied them... problem solved.












The Quartzsite disc golf course uses handmade baskets, the "basket" part of all of them are made from washing machine tubs. Some are bigger than others. 



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