What Do You Do At 4400ft In The Fall?

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What Do You Do At 4400ft In The Fall? | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

It rained all weekend, so we stayed inside and kept warm. You would think that in 33 feet of space we would get bored but we're pretty good for a couple of days of being stuck inside. I am deep in the throes of learning YouTube. I have now updated over 50 videos 4x. If I could just NOT edit until I finished learning all I need to know I would have saved so much time! I have to say though that my Youtube channel now looks and acts awesome. Of course I am limited to my budget which is as always $0.  

I was able to spend quality time with my Paper Pumpkin cardmaking kit. We watched alot of disc golf since the last two weekends have been top tier tournaments. For you disc golfers out there It was the Hall Of Fame tournament the weekend before and this weekend was the Pro Tour Championship Tournament which has purposefully changed all the rules just to confuse us watching it.

Today there was finally a break in the rain and after it warmed up we went to play disc golf at the Sunriver SHARC course. It reminds me of Ferguson in Snohomish, Washington. It is a beginner course but because of how short some of the holes are, we got to try for some aces. Alas there were no aces to be had today. The course is spread out around a sledding hill that is quite fancy.

The course has high end disc baskets and rubber mat tees. We shot our Nova's for most of the tees. On two holes I threw my Destroyer on an anhyser after my FD hyzerd hard right on me. Hub used his Roc3 for a blind left turn and it ended up parked close. On that I threw both Destroyers on anhysers (left handed) the blue one went much better for me. 

It was while walking up and down the couple of hills that Hub mentioned we are at 4400 feet. At least that explained why I was out of breath! Hub officially putted the best I've seen. I got one video of a long putt and wish I'd filmed the next one which was even further! He doesn't like me videoing when we play so I try to be sneaky...

As we walked from basket #9 to the parking lot we passed this...anyone know what it is? 

We have lived most our lives (for me, all my life) at sea level so when I tromp around in the mountains I am always amazed at how much air I need!

I have been thinking about how I would be able to watch The Walking Dead this season and not have to pay like I did last year (new fixed income earner here) . I was just surfing around and saw that AMC has posted the first episode AS well as The Talking Dead's first episode. I am still not sure what I will do for the rest of the season, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching both tonight! I had no idea this was the 100th episode and it was so exciting to see all of the actors on stage for TTD.

We will have nice weather when we leave which should be a fun couple of days. We plan to stay overnight at a rest area in Nevada somewhere. Hub plans to test all of his offline games to have lots to do if we have no internet. Watch a very short video of SHARC - Video length 52 sec

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