And Here We Are Starting Over - Day One Of Our New Beginning

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I didn't post anything yesterday because I wasn't really ready to do so. And today I can only pass on a little bit of information for legal reasons. Later when the dust settles I will tell our tale in full. Suffice to say we no longer have our traveling home nor the contents in it. So, in a nutshell we will be starting over from scratch. I am very tired while writing this so I imagine it will end abruptly.

We did learn that during an event like what unfolded yesterday, the emergency crews will help recover three types of items and those three items only. 1. Your identification/important papers 2. your medication and 3. any firearms. Other than that, everything is lost and due to safety and liability you are NOT allowed near your stuff at all... they have to find those things for you and bring them to you to identify.  We recovered everything they deemed critical. Our vehicle titles, our stash of cash (a miracle it was found at all), passports, all my medications. 

I found a few stray items before the emergency crews arrived. First, I saw my old laptop sitting on the highway, just sitting there naked, we don't have a case for it. With the freezing mist I thought oh that can't sit there. I picked it up and walked it to the truck. I was wearing leggings, my brown boots (fuzzy lined at least) and a hoody, no coat. I was getting more wet every minute I wandered. It was dark with glaring lights from cars eerily lighting all our stuff strewn about the highway. I then saw my green Cuddlebug (crafting tool) sitting upright on the highway. It was saying, "hey, over here, come pick me up, I shouldn't be here." So I walked over, picked it up, and walked toward the truck. I then spied our light green throw blanket and since I was cold so I picked it up. Then the emergency folks came and took over. Which was a good thing because clearly I did not know what I was doing. It was just too much to take in. They told me to go sit in the truck and keep warm, so I did.

More tomorrow...

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