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Website Moving To A New Host

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The website has been slowing down and is now producing a high percentage of errors (it has been increasing over the summer). In addition to the errors there are now parts of the admin interface that I cannot open (like the block on the top right side with the expired August Stampin' Up! promotion). I've done my research and have bought a different hosting package that should be a better...

DIY - Create A Set Of Stampin' Up! Cardstock Swatches

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DIY - Create A Set Of Stampin' Up! Cardstock Swatches | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I had this great idea while at my craft retreat. It didn't hit me until I saw a friend's awesome new cardstock organization. I asked her if she had every color. She said all but a couple of pieces. I went back to my desk and mulled that over awhile. Here's a quick video explaining what happened and what I did. I also show what I will use the swatches for. Video length is 5 min 9 sec.

Retreat Project - Distress Oxide Ink Cubes

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Retreat Project - Distress Oxide Ink Cubes Supplies | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Months ago I had my mom order the full set of 12 Distress Oxide re-inkers (they've released 12 more now). I then had my Stampin' Up! Demonstrator (before I was a demonstrator) buy 3 packs of Stampin' Spots which are new in the catalog this year.

I needed to create samples of the following ink applications:

Solid stamp | Lined Stamp| Sponging

In addition I needed to show...

Storage Series - Saving Space By Using Copic Markers To Color Your Embellishments

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Storage Series - Saving Space By Using Copic Markers To Color Your Embellishments | Tracy Marie Lewis |

When we were planning our lifestyle change to living full time in an RV, I knew I had to minimize my embellishments. I had a dedicated craft space that was quite large with floor to ceiling storage. This storage also extended into one of the bedrooms. Ribbon was a biggie for me because I had so much of it. I own a full set of Copic Sketch Markers which are a big investment and I have...

TIP - How To Keep Your Blending Foam With Your 1" Ink Cubes

TIP - How To Keep Your Blending Foam With Your Ink | Tracy Marie Lewis |

Here is another quick and easy tip for you, You can buy hook and loop sticky strips (also known as Velcro). Cut them to about 1cm square. The foam circles happen to be about 1" round and will fit nicely inside the back of the 1" cubes. I am sure you can also attach them to the larger ink pads as well, but it might change where you locate them depending on how you stack them. 

I keep my...

DIY - Coloring Your Embellishments

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DIY embellishment coloring by Tracy Marie Lewis |

This is an easy one. If you own any type of alcohol markers, ranging from Sharpie markers to Copic Markers, you can color a wide variety of embellishments. Here's the list of embellishments that I have found take alcohol marker ink very well.

Sequins (some colors don't apply as well i.e dark colors are hard to make smooth - dry completely)...

DIY - Make Your Own Compact Ink Pads

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I was so sad when I realized that all of my full sized ink pads were going to take up too much space in our new home. I researched my options for switching to the small cube and tear drop sized ink pads. Some brands you can buy and others don't have that option. Very conveniently I discovered that Stampin' Up carries uninked Stampin' Spots. I found a couple of other online suppliers but they...