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DIY - Make Your Own Compact Ink Pads

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I was so sad when I realized that all of my full sized ink pads were going to take up too much space in our new home. I researched my options for switching to the small cube and tear drop sized ink pads. Some brands you can buy and others don't have that option. Very conveniently I discovered that Stampin' Up carries uninked Stampin' Spots. I found a couple of other online suppliers but they...

Basement Storage Strategy

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Basement Storage Strategy  | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We have owned a large selection of Rubbermaid storage tubs in a variety of sizes for many years. After checking out how they stack up in our basement storage compartment, we settled on  a matched size set of 6 tubs to use.

Last fall we sorted what would be stored in the barn rafters and what would be travelling with us. As we packed I casually labeled what was in each tub, but wasn't...

Two Peas in a Pod

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Sometimes my husband does something completely extraordinary. We are prepping our home to sell. It has an in ground swimming pool. The pool is over 40 years old. Around the pool are large cement slabs and on the north side two of those slabs have sunk. They've sunk quite far and for years we would make our nieces and their friends watch for stubbed toes on that side while running and being...

Bah, It is never good when you get a blank page on your own website

So tonight I clicked on one of my Supplies terms to see how many stamps my stamp category had in it. And voila, there it was THE DREADED BLANK PAGE. So, being that this website is DIYed by me. That left me spending the evening unraveling the mystery and trying to fix it. I did some more digging and found out that my Supplies terms and Tag terms were returning empty. I only have a total of...

DIY Copic Color Matching Chart

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DIY Copic Color Matching Chart  |

I have a backlog of non 'card' craft projects that I need to work on and this particular project I thought would make a perfect article for my blog. I am making a second chart for a friend. I will see her in a couple weeks and want to have it done by then. I completed my Copic Sketch marker set last fall. I knew that I would be purchasing every single marker because I enjoy coloring larger...

DIY - How I created my blog

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I thought it would be interesting to some visitors to read a bit about this website from a do-it-yourself perspective. I am a 20 year web professional. You could call me a Veteran I suppose. I've worked as the head web person at my day job for many years now. I do have many websites that I've made from scratch running around out in the web ether as well. My own websites were originally written...

DIY - Mini Magazine Style A2 Card Holder

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Mini Magazine Style A2 Card Holder | Tracy Marie Lewis |

My papercrafting corhort in crime gave me this awesome selection of gift card holders for Christmas. I wanted to make a desktop organizer to have a small selection close at hand. I used Pinterest for my inspiration and after two failed attempts at smaller sized holders I finally had to make an A2 sized one and it holds these perfectly. Because I don't use pink I made myself pick out three...

DIY Enamel Dots

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Perler Beads To Enamel DIY Dots | Tracy Marie Lewis |

In December 2015, I had a rare opportunity to be creative without limitation (well except for what my body was able to handle). I had major surgery which was a 9 to 12 week recovery. The surgery was scheduled well in advance so I had time to make a game plan of projects I would work on while rehabbing. DIYing my own craft materials was at the top of my list. 

About 2 weeks after surgery...