We Are Back On The Road! Yet Again...

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We Are Back On The Road! Yet Again...| Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Today is Saturday. Our move started Wednesday afternoon. Hub is on foot rest so I did just about everything. I am totally fine with this because over the years Hub has moved us twice without me due to me being either out of town or recovering from surgery. Wednesday I packed clothes, bathroom, bedding. The truck was overflowing.

I picked up the trailer thursday morning. Hub was with me and he was only naughty once, but it was pretty bad what he did. He said he did it because he was bored waiting. He hopped up on the tire and plugged in the trailer while I was talking with the service guy. 

I drove the trailer to the campground, checked us in and Hub helped guide me into our chosen site. 

We've owned RVs since 2004 so we had quite a collection of power, sewer and water supplies. Alas, we lost them all in the accident. Hub bought all of the new trailer stuff. He had specific items in mind. However he was not on duty this time so I opened our brand new tubs to see all the shiny new "stuff" he'd bought. I felt like I was pilfering through someone elses things. I got the labelmaker out and labeled the tubs. 

Did I mention that when they brought us our trailer that the autoleveling system errored? I immediately got a knot in the pit of my stomache ... no ... not another thing gone wrong. The service tech who brought the trailer out to us was the one who installed the new third jacks and he had to re-level the system to mitigate that error. In the end he promised me that the issue was from another tech fussing with the system while the battery was low, and that the system would be fine.

I teased him and said so when we get to the campground and the system errors out, I call you and you will come and fix it? He didn't find that as funny as I did.

After having to manually level our various rigs over the years, it was strange to push the autolevel button and watch the system work its magic while we stood around waiting, with nothing to do. I suppose some day I will get used to it but for now it is like a dream. We used to carry a selection of wood and plastic leveling devices. We had risers, blocks, and even very thin boards for when a minimal shim was needed. Our old trailer never felt level and at times we would hook back up to make an adjustment. This is now our third time auto leveling and we are very impressed with how well it does. I only takes a few minutes. Now with the third jacks there is very little shaking when the other person is moving around.

On Friday I trekked back to the in-laws to grab our cold food, the bbq, my table and our short ladder. Then I stopped at the Safeway in Mount Vernon to top off our provisions. Wow, the parking lot was packed! Luckily this Safeway is much larger than the two in Arlington, so I was able to get what I needed quickly. I was glad to be finished with the first round of packing. We will get the larger heavy items later next week.

For it being Memorial Weekend at a campground, it is very quiet. Families have already trekked to the main lodge for the day. No dogs are barking, the mowing you hear during the week is done. Overall we find campgrounds much more quiet than any neighborhood. At times you hear children playing in the distance or people going by our site. It is overcast, and won't be sunny until tomorrow. 

I look forward to a two day break before we have to resume our regular retirement "duties". I have to mow one of our properties. Hub will come and is on lawnmower lifting duty. He then gets his stitches out the next day and mid week I am going to visit my mom and do some crafting. 

My fingers are crossed that we are officially back on the road!

We Are Back On The Road! Yet Again...Complimentary Paper Delivery| Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

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