A Few Days Into Our New Beginning

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Verde Valley TT Maine Office View | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

Wow, time just flies! We left El Paso, Texas and made our way into Arizona. We stayed at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails in a cabin for three nights. I thought the cabin was very nice and of course the scenery was lovely. We were in a hole so our cell service was spotty. Because we are going through the process of the trailer loss, we had to drive up the hill to the main office a few times to take important phone calls. The picture is from the main office and this was the view where I sat computing taking calls.

We managed to walk through some replacement trailers and have found a brand and layout that we like. There's actually two models we are debating on. Hub is inclined to go for the shorter model which is similar to what we had before, and I like the one that is three feet one inch longer than the model he likes. but is only about a foot and a half longer than the total length of our old one. Hub had added generators to the back that added a foot and the new trailer will have an on board Onan generator.

So what don't I like about the shorter one? It is actually a half a foot shorter than our old one and it appears that the length was taken away in the bathroom. the sink is on a 45 degree angle so is the cabinet and mirror. that leaves no counter space and no storage above or below the sink. This displeases me greatly and I am not even a big primper. 

One factor that I do not like with buying trailers and RVs are the bad reviews. I haven't found ANY one brand that has overly good reviews. The rotten unhappy apples always post on the internet and the happy folks go about their camping lives "happy" and don't think about shouting their success story on the internet.

Our old trailer was far from perfect but all of the mechanics worked. It had some shoddy finish workmanship throughout. The most annoying issue it had was an unlevel floor from side to side. The left side was lower than the right and no matter how we tried to get that thing level, the left would ALWAYS be too low. So we just started setting up left side high, often even with that side appearing to be higher in the living space in the bathroom the left was still lower. 

I want the roof and the mechanics to be spot on, the finish, if not perfect I can deal with. I guess I have to cross my fingers for that to be the case.

We are now trekking up north to regroup for our re-journey.


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