Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine

Some projects where I used this product: 
Helpful Notes: 

I bought a Sizzix Big Shot for making jewelry. Imagine my surprise when I read through the user's guide and this great rolling mill (as it is called in the jewelry world) was also great for cutting paper. All I needed was a few more accessories and voila I would be set! That was before I'd switched to papercrafting. I am not so sure I would have dove into papercrafting so quickly if it weren't for the fact that I already owned this machine. My hands aren't the best as I've mentioned in other articles. It is the problems with my hands that made me stop making jewelry. The fact that I could make such nice looking cards by cutting dies myself was awesome. Back in the day when I first made cards (1996 ish) you had to go buy die cuts from the craft store and they were spendy. This machine is revolutionary and worth every penny!

Happy stamping and/or camping!