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Stampin' Up Camp Cards | Tracy Marie Lewis |

In March, I attended my third Stampin' Up Stamp Camp. I enjoy these events because there are multiple demonstrators and each teaches one or two projects. I get to use alot of SU products in one day and I get to visit with my crafting friends. Here's the run down of the projects.

My favorite was the tri-fold art. I own the stamp set and liked the clever use of punches for the feet and the top of the folds. I've already been thinking of alternative methods to achieve the same effect. I have many dies that could make feet and of course for the top I can see many of my border punches working. A great use of this type of project is to decorate a desk at home or work.

When I got home from camp. I took out each project and reviewed them. For this favorite I noted that the thin bright white border did not really go with anything because we'd sponged all three fronts. So, I brought out my gel pen to add highlights to the flowers and butterfly. The ribbon has fine white stitches as well. 

Ok, back on track. My second favorite project was for sure the bokeh card with black branches. I have LOTS of branch dies and could see putting a card like this together. I already have made my own circle stencils from plastic packaging because I've done bokeh before. I made my bokeh stencil by running various sized circle dies on plastic packaging (like what covers dies etc). I also kept the inside circles to use for a reverse effect. Again, as I reviewed this project at home I felt some white gel pen accents were in order to give the bokeh area more contrast. I am surprised that the bokeh card struck a strong chord, I thought for sure I would like my third choice best.

The third favorite jumped ship somehow and I still have to find it. The die set I've ordered and it is still on back order until May so must be a hot seller for SU. I've added a pic of the demo card. I like to take pictures of all demo samples so when others take them to look at I have my own copy right there. This was a floral die and stamp set. I just bought the dies, don't think I will need the stamps.

Fourth favorite and most familiar to me since this is the third time now I've used this stamp and embossing folder set between club and camp. I really like the world embossing folder, so already own it. for the camp project, I wanted a heavy contrast so when sponging the ink on the embossing folder (it is how I got the distressed looking world background) the sample card was very soft and I wanted more so I covered with very heavy ink (Tip Top Taupe) and then splattered water droplets for even more distressed effect. 

The largest project and fifth on my like list was the envelope score tool card with the chick saying "hello". I like the interest of the project, but I rarely want to stray that far from the A2 size and I wasnt fond of the pink chick. This size project is not USPS mail size so I would not ever make it. I also don't want to invest in the SU envelope score tool.

My least favorite by far was the car card, I am just not a car on a card person. It still is a fine card overall, and was still fun to make.

Favorite Camp Project - Tri Fold | Tracy Marie Lewis |
Second Favorite Camp Project - Bokeh | Tracy Marie Lewis |
Lost Camp Project Floral Dies | Tracy Marie Lewis |
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