Holtz Distress Paint

Some projects where I used this product: 
Holtz Distress Paint | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
Helpful Notes: 

I am a fan of using paint and even more so metallic paint. For cardmaking, the most basic use of these is to streak the edges in a whimsical way and you end up with a really nice distressed edge look (I will even add doodle lines if I am going for over the top whimsical. These are called Acrylic Paint Dabbers so you can use the sponge head to create a splotchy look, and you can mix them both. I have white, a hot pink, all of the metallics and turquoise. Some products I decide I must have them all, but in this case I wait until I have a project that needs a color and then I go buy it. I have a great craft space, but there is only so much room for all pens, inks, paints etc. You can also buy them in a spray.

Happy stamping and/or camping!