Memento Dew Drop Dye Ink - Gum Drops 12 pack

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Memento Dew Drop Dye Ink - Gum Drops 12 pack  | Tracy Marie Lewis |
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I bought this exact set early on because I wanted to have an array of bright colors on hand without breaking the bank, nor hogging up all my space. I've seen the large ink pad lazy susans on people's desks and just didn't want to go there. I've also since bought the full size tuxedo black and london fog, with reinkers because black and grey I use the most. I also invested in the large sized pads when I started using Copic markers as I was inking up large stamps alot and found the tear drop size to be a little tedious. I can't say enough about these pads, they work great. I've even left one open overnight on accident and it works just dandy. I cannot compare to other colored inks because I am still pretty new to this and space is a premium in my craft room.

Happy stamping and/or camping!