Gilders Paste

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GIlder's Paste Wax Finish |
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I have a traditional art background. I enjoyed charcoal, pastels and watercoloring back in the day. I do have alot of the supplies from back in those days and luckily most of what I have is of the lasts forever variety. One product that I have found very useful over the years is Gilders paste. It is a rub on wax that leaves a sheen on wood, metal and paper. I own a few, german silver, patina (mint green) and antique gold. I bought them for rubbing onto metal. Lo and behold they also work great on paper! This product is hard to find in a store, your best bet is an artists store, or online from Amazon or Joann's. one container will last a lifetime. It comes in a shallow round tin much like shoe polish, it even smells like shoe polish! One tip is to burnish it with a paper towel after applying. I find I like to apply it with my finger to better control where it goes, then when done I burnish it to a nice shine. Great, great stuff!

Happy stamping and/or camping!