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South Jetty RV Park - Home Six | Tracy Marie Lewis |

We realized in mid May that we needed to figure out where to stay over Memorial Weekend. When We called, the first place we asked about was full (Russian River) so then we asked about the furthest south coastal Thousand Trails in Oregon, South Jetty. There was one opening, so we took it.

This is a smaller park with less amenitites and activities compared to the other Oregon coastal parks we have stayed at. Our spot backs onto a green space that is perfect for disc golf practice. We have found it to be very moist here. Everything feels damp. DH says his breathing is not as good here as it has been since we left.

Disc golf parks are over an hour away, we played at one the day after our arrival and the mosquitos chased us away at hole 10. A few days later we planned a trip to Eugene to pick up some wireless chargers for our phones. The mobile lead at Smokey Point gifted them to us for an error they made when we bought our phones last summer.  Eugene has three disc golf courses. We visited each of them, the second one was a good fit for us and we played hole one a few times before leaving, deciding we would come back on a weekday to play the course.

We settled on a pair of laptops with accessories for under 2k. Historically we have bought high end gaming systems for well over 2k each. These are entry level gaming systems. They are 15" and are very thin. We needed something small to take to the lodge/library. Our old laptops have enough issues to make them unreliable so it was time for new ones.

This is our first three week stay in a series of three x three week stays. it is hard to believe that in nine weeks' time we will be heading home for a short visit. DH has settled in to traveling so well that he is grumpy about having to return home so soon. We will take care of some medical stuff, pack/unpack some supplies and I have a craft retreat to attend. 

Our New Backyard - Home Six | Tracy Marie Lewis |
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