We're Back To the World That Was - Thunderbird RV Resort

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We're Back To the World That Was - Thunderbird RV Resort | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com

We drove the very short drive from Chehalist to Thunderbird. Miles-wise it was average for us, but I-5 is much faster than highway 101. We were lucky enough to get a sewer site. DH calculates that its been just under two months since we've had a sewer site. Without sewer we are very conservative with our water usage. We have a backlog of laundry to do and since I am going to be doing alot of social and medical stuff while here I will have to look fresh and clean daily, that means more showers:)

There were four sites to choose from, but someone ahead of us took one, leaving us three choices. This is such a small park compared to what we are used to, but the sites are staggered a bit and we chose a site on a hill one site from the top which is nice. The park actually sprawls across the street on the river side, but in total there are only 102 sites.

So we also brought the heat with us, its been in the 80s the last three days and by Tuesday it will be 98. We had stowed away our reflectix window covers and had to pull them out today to prepare for hot weather. I do like that we can stow all of the covers behind our theater seats so no one can see them. I stow the small ones on the left side of the couch as there is a nice little gap that they fit perfectly in.

Our mission while we are here is to get our annual medical appointments and labs taken care of. We will purge unnecessary stuff-there's alot that we don't need or can do without. We scheduled some work to be done on our rig, some will be warranty work, the rest we will pay for. We have a short shopping list to deal with as well. 

Here is our shopping list:

  • New mattress (the one that came with this is a lame 6" mattress that has no backbone to it at all. 
  • Rocking camping chair for DH - this one will be tough because DH doesn't like the ones at CW.
  • Matching pillowcases - I am using one that is totally frayed at the end, DH cannot stand that. (ordered from Amazon)
  • Two sets of wires and grommets for our Atwood stove top, DH has been using electrical tape on the current wires and the grommets are wearing out. He cooks daily.
  • Tablecloth and seat covers for a picnic table with the clips that keep them in place (ordered from Amazon)
  • New exterior "mat" 6 x 9. Our 9 x 12 is just about a goner, its torn and fraying in many places now - it is very old and has served us well. (ordered from Amazon)
  • DH made some blocks for our front and back stabilizer bars, they were an experiment and he has a plan for phase 2 of them. He will buy some fresh wood
  • ​Propane door fixes - were not sure on this one, will ask the dealer their thoughts.
  • New gas cans (gas and diesel) 5 gallon. (ordered from Amazon)

Most of the items will be from Amazon. We already went to Freddy's to get storage bins for the purged items. 

And of course I have my 3 night craft retreat that starts next Wednesday. I am very excited to hang out with my crafting buddies! 

Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave comments or questions, I am here to help!


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