3M ATG Tape 1/4" General Use

Some projects where I used this product: 
3M ATG Tape 1/4" General Use | Tracy Marie Lewis | www.stuffnthingz.com
Helpful Notes: 

If you use alot of tape, there is a knock-off brand out there. I've used it and it is only ok. Quite a bit thinner and the plastic circle that snaps into the gun is often misshapen. I like the price of the generic but for consistency I recommend this 3M version. Next, if you are very sensitive to smell, do NOT accidentally purchase the more expensive Archival version that is for preserving art and photos. It is so stinky I had to take it out of my dispenser and put all that I'd purchase in a baggie. I haven't even rehomed it yet because I feel bad for whoever I will give it to. And, I bought three 2 packs. Ack! So, if you don't need to preserve anything, stick with the "general use".

Happy stamping and/or camping!