Video - Winter Is Coming Wednesday 2023 Episode 1 - Using Carrots To Make A Christmas Scene - Featuring Thanks A Bunch FREE Stamp Set

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I had my doubts that carrots would make good winter trees...I think this card proved me wrong!

This is Part 2 of my Thanks A Bunch series...

Next I will use carrots to make a Valentine's Day card! Let me know what you think of carrots for Christmas, Enjoy!

Video - Thanks A Bunch FREE SAB Product Cards Part One - Three Thanks Cards Walkthroughs

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Thanks A Bunch Part 1 | Tracy Marie Lewis |

These three cards were so fun to make! They did have pins as inspiration but Pinterest is erroring out right now. 

I will try to get these pins posted and linked here as soon as I can get the pins created.

Part Two is going to be using the carrots to make a Christmas Card and part three will be a Valentine's Day card! There are so many great uses for carrots, enjoy!

Video - A TEST - Opening A 2018 Pack Of Full Size Neutral Ink Pads! They've Traveled Around The US With Me

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This pack of ink pads are so, so special to me. I've been waiting for the day when I could open them up once we are in our next permanent residence. I am not sure if I am surprised we traveled another 4 1/2 years after I acquired these. I figured three to five years.

So, watch me break open the package and test them all out. How do you think they did?

I finish by labeling and...

Video - +20 Alternatives - January 2023 Paper Pumpkin Key To My Heart

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January 2023 Paper Pumpkin Alternatives | Tracy Marie Lewis |

I cannot believe we are already on Valentine's Day 2023!

This kit was challenging for me, even more so because I want to use the kit as the base for this year's Valentine's cards. 

The sentiments provided only work for my husband, so I share a couple of options to make your own sentiments for friends and family.

I also include two non Stampin' Up! products because these...

Video - Color Me This Episode 1 - Channel Introduction Plus My Very First Solo Pet Portrait "Grim"

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Ode to Grim | Tracy Marie Lewis |

The day has finally arrived! I have posted my first "Color Me This" video!

When I created this channel, I set a goal of having my channel introduction include a completed pet portrait that utilizes all that I have learned in the four years that I have dabbled in colored pencils.

In addition, this just happens to be my first ever dog portrait drawing! Be sure to check it out and...

Video - +20 Alternatives - December 2022 Good Things Come In Small Packages - So Many Options!

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This kit took two days to complete. I had to parse over 2 hours of video footage.

I always struggle with compressing to less than 60 minutes so this was very challenging! I had to focus on the key take aways and drop all the extra fun stuff.

In this video I actually take bits out of my trash and use it, that is a first for me. Enjoy!

Video - New Year's Card Easel Calendars, Two Variations

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I always get so busy for the holidays that New Year's cards are challenging to get out before the first of the year.

I've been managing to create calendars each year instead, that way I can get them delivered early in Jan and I don't feel so "late".

This year as a pre-emptive strike I purchased 10x mini 2023 tear off calendars in October from a friend (link to her mini calendars...

Video - Winter Is Coming Wednesday 2022 Episode 28 - Coloring, Techniques Abound & Dancing Legs

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This episode showcases three totally different cards. They are the favorites from my final finish up Christmas card stash.

I believe all I have left to share is a followup showcase of the Paper Pumpkin/WICW combined episode From 12/5.

By the end of this week most cards will have been mailed!  I have some that I will hand deliver closer to Christmas.

I hope you've enjoyed...